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brandworkers go digital

brandworkers® is a product of the go-digital support program of the BMWi.
authorized consulting company for the module “digital market development”.
The digital market development module includes the consulting and
implementation of professional online marketing

As the recipient of the grant, brandworkers® bears the overall responsibility for
for the project, submits the project application and takes over for the consulting
KMUs the complete administrative handling of the project.




Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

  • Legally independent commercial enterprises or craft enterprises
  • With up to 100 employees
  • With a turnover of the previous year or a balance sheet total of the previous year not exceeding 20 million Euro
  • Headquarters in Germany

Consultancy services available on request:

Only consultancy and services that meet the requirements of the “Digital Market Access” module and consist of the following two steps will be supported:

1.Potential analysis and preparation of a rough realization concept
Initial interview, SWOT analysis of the beneficiary company in the subject area of the requested module and assessment of the impact of the measures on the company.

2.Concretisation and implementation of the realisation concept
Concretisation of project plan including work steps, project implementation and controlling

Funding scope

  • Grant: 50 % of the expenditure
  • Maximum project duration: 6 months
  • Settlement and payment at the end of the project
  • In the main module, up to 20 consultant days are eligible, including:
    Up to 4 consultant days for a potential analysis and rough conception, up to 6 consultant days for expert third parties in the implementation phase and 2 consultant days for IT security.

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